Custom software development

Information systems, specialized solutions, web application

You did not find in the market software solutions suitable for your business model? We can create software tailored to your needs and requirements. Custom software create conditions agreed to enter - Either as a completely new system or with additional modules to your existing solutions. Custom software solved either as a desktop program with locally stored database on your server with the option of networking multiple users or as Web applications, where data is stored externally on a web server and are available from any Web browser.

Custom software is an interesting alternative the purchase of large information systems that must subsequently adjusted and modified according to your needs that are often so specific that this activity must hire freelance consultants and the cost of processing and system settings often approach or equal the cost of purchased information system.

Our The company provides complete supply of services (creation and installing the software, training and support users) as in the test and in production system. Support can be implemented directly by the customer or remotely via online special applications (TeamViewer). For remote online support client does not pay any costs transportation or telephone charges. Taken For Granted the possibility of updating, development and maintenance delivered solution.

Customers provide the most efficient use of information technology, user support and security of their data and systems.